About Us


At a very young age Sruthi Kundur is inspired by her parents's motivation to help various charitable organizations worldwide that work on several humanitarian causes. Sruthi has a vision to educate and empower women to feel better, physically, emotionally to improve their self-worth and confidence. She strongly believes that feminine hygiene is a serious health concern for many women and can have long term consequences for their physio-economic well being. 

Hygiene for Women is the brain child of Sruthi's vision to empower to stay healthy and be confident. This organization is a pragmatic demonstration of her views and goals. She constantly discusses her ideas with the board members for their proper implementation.


  • Sruthi Kundur
  • Taralika Kundur

Board of Directors

  • Taralika Kundur, Co-founder, CEO 
    • Taralika is a software professional in the San Franscisco Bay Area. She is passionate about giving to others in every capacity. She regularly donates to several charities worldwide for various causes.
  •  Aparna Gandhari, VP Public Relations 
    • With 20 years of experience in school and college counseling, Aparna has helped many first generational college applicants in college planning and application process. She is very passionate about assisting low income first generational/immigrant families navigate through the college admission and financial aid process. 
  • Jagan Seelam, VP Logistics
    • Retired Industrial engineer with over thirty years of Engineering experience as Technical advisor, held various leadership positions with world’s biggest engineering companies like Bechtel, Parsons and AECOM.